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I am an Associate Research Fellow in the Department of Philosophy, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK, and an Associate Member of the Aesthetics Research Centre, University of Kent, Canterbury, UK> Previously, I have been a Lecturer in Philosophy at Sussex (2021-22) and the Philosophy Lecturer (teaching) at Queens University, Canada’s Bader International Study Centre (BISC), Herstmonceax Castle, East Sussex (2018-2021). I was the inaugural British Society of Aesthetics Postdoctoral Fellow (2019-20), hosted by the Sussex Philosophy Department. My PhD was awarded by the Department of Philosophy, University College, London.

I am a historian of philosophy, specialising in the early modern philosophical discussion of the sublime in English, and its location with philosophical, intellectual, and political Enlightenment thought. However, I have diverse research interests and projects, including, on the intersection of contemporary aesthetics and cognitive science, the politics of art and art practices, and philosophical methodology.

I am deeply interested in philosophical practice, and what it means to be a philosopher. I explore these ideas for a general audience in my blog.

My current project is ‘a philosopHER walks,’ walking the world, without and within.