I am the inaugural British Society of Aesthetics Postdoctoral Fellow for 2019-20, hosted by the Department of Philosophy at the University of Sussex, Brighton. I am also Philosophy Lecturer at Queens University, Canada’s Bader International Study Centre, Herstmonceax Castle, East Sussex.

My research currently focuses on early modern aesthetic and literary theory, and its location within philosophical, intellectual, and political Enlightenment thought. My thesis ‘Early Eighteenth-Century Conceptions of the Sublime’ offers an original philosophical reading of literary critic John Dennis and the so-called Longinian tradition’s discussion of the sublime in poetry, and its relation to the Third Earl of Shaftesbury’s philosophical account of the sublime experience in nature.

My career-long project is to track the philosophical development of the concept of the sublime from its eighteenth-century origins to the present. And following wherever that intellectually rich adventure takes me.

I am deeply interested in philosophical practice, and what it means to be a philosopher. I explore these ideas for a general audience in my blog.

And I aim to walk the world, without and within.

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